About Us


Yes there is peace on earth and Yes it begins with me!
Unity provides practical teachings to help people live healthy, 
prosperous and meaningful lives.
  • We believe that God is Love and absolute goodness, everywhere present.
  • We believe this love and goodness lives, moves, and expresses through and as each of us.
  • We embrace and celebrate our oneness with God.
  • We recognize and accept our responsibility to choose our thoughts, words, and actions.

Our Community Core Values

Love/Compassion—we experience and express deep emotional, spiritual connection; compassion, caring, kindness and empathy; compassionate, constructive cooperation through inner and outer peacefulness and calm

Christ-Consciousness—we embody consciousness awakened to the Truth that we are both human and Divine; living from the awareness that God is within and all around us all; aligning with the One Infinite, Eternal Creator

Spiritual Practices—we heal false beliefs and reveal our inherent Wholeness and Oneness by aligning with the Presence of God within and all around us through the practices of: Visioning (catching God’s vision); Meditation; Mindfulness; Affirmative Prayer; on-going Study; Giving of Time, Talent and Treasure; Sacred Service; Forgiveness

Integrity/Congruence/Trust—we act authentically in alignment with our beliefs and values; we walk our talk; we can be counted on to follow through with our commitments; we have confidence and faith in the honesty and integrity of self and others

Service (internal & external community)—we volunteer to give assistance by: helping, supporting, and serving others; we value and express gratitude for what others contribute as blessings in our lives

Community—we share a sense of connection and belonging as a diverse and inclusive, dynamic group of people who serve and rely upon one another; cooperatively making decisions and creating together

Joy—we are inspired by Divine guidance, we express our lightness of being as spontaneity, playfulness, fun, joy, creativity and imagination

Our Statement of Being 

Unity's Statement of Being

Our Teachings

  1. We teach the truth as we see it, in the light of modern day experience.
  2. We provide a loving atmosphere where all are encouraged to seek, discover, and express this truth for themselves.
  3. We teach that the Kingdom of God is within each of us.
  4. We teach the integration of Spiritual ideas into practical aspects of living such as health, personal relationships, financial concerns, and problem solving.
  5. We teach the acceptance of personal responsibility for our lives by relying upon our inner God given strengths.
  6. We teach how to attain greater peace of mind thereby alleviating stress from our lives.
  7. We acknowledge Jesus as a Way shower, as God’s spirit resided in him, so does it reside in each of us.
  8. Unity maintains an attitude of love and respect for all people based on a “oneness” of Spirit.

Our Ministers

Our Board and Staff

See a list of our board and staff.

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