Angel Ministry

We are members of the Congregation who are reaching out to others in the Congregation during their time of need.  We are here to lend a helping hand with that special need, provide a friendly visit, or arrange for the Minister or a Chaplain to pray with you.

We have a team of Angels ready to assist you.

Angel Ministry Leader: Rev. Amy Zehe

Unity of Sarasota Angel Ministry



“Angels are the Universal Language of Love and Unity. They are messengers of God’s love and have unlimited abilities to bring grace, healing, and blessings to everyone. We simple must call on them to learn to be even more receptive to their assistance” (Dilts, C. 2016).



How to Find Us

  • Call the Church 955-3301 ext. 123
  • Fill out an Angel Request Card – found in the Church lobby
  • Look for an Angel in Church, we will be wearing an identifying Angel pin and are ready to help.

What We Do

Coming home from the hospital – we can provide a meal, pick up a prescription, be a friendly visitor, assist in making calls for arranging services you need or future Dr. appointments.

  • Arrange for Meal
  • Arrange for Transportation to Sunday Services
  • Arrange Transportation to shop
  • Arrange for Transportation to a Medical Appointment
  • Arrange for a Chaplain to Pray with you
  • Put you in Contact with a Minister
  • Arrange for a friendly visitor for member of our Congregation that are home bound, in a nursing home or assisted living or if you just need someone to stop by and check on you.

Let Us Know How We Can Support You!


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