FAQ for Visitors

What time is your Sunday service?

We have a Meditation Service, before the Celebration Service, that begins at 10:00 and ends at 10:15 am.  We ask that, if you arrive during the Meditation Service, you either enter the Sanctuary quietly, or take the time to visit our Gratitude Cafe for a cup of coffee, walk our beautiful grounds, or visit our Bookstore.

How big is your congregation?

We average between 150 and 250 people per week, depending upon whether it is summer or “season.”

Where are your Sunday services?

Unity of Sarasota
3023 Proctor Road
Sarasota, FL  34231
Map & directions

What happens at a service?

Our Sunday Morning Celebration Service is one of joy and reverence for the divine spark in all of us. We gather together to pray, sing, listen, and rejoice in the celebration of life. Each service has music, guided meditation, and spiritual lessons shared by our minister or a guest speaker.

What happens when I am a first-time attender?

We welcome our first-time visitors with an information packet and a seashell necklace that we ask you to wear, so our congregants will make a special effort to greet you and get to know you.  The necklace also allows you first-in-line privileges in our Gratitude Café after the service. We hold a class for new attendees once a quarter, usually after the service, so we can get to know each other better.

What do I wear?

We are a welcoming community with a casual environment.  We welcome any style that makes you feel comfortable, whether that means jeans or a dressy suit or outfit. Please know that you are welcome.

What denomination are you?

Unity is a movement in spiritual consciousness, rather than a denomination or a religion. We believe that God is Spirit, the loving source of all that is. God is the one power, all good, everywhere present, all wisdom. God is divine energy, continually creating, expressing and sustaining all creation. In God, we live and move and have our being. In Unity, some other ways we may speak of God are Life, Light, Love, Substance, Principle, Law and Universal Mind.

Our emphasis is on spiritual transformation. We are each individual, eternal expressions of God. Our essential nature is divine and, therefore, inherently good. Our purpose is to express our divine potential as realized and demonstrated by Jesus and other master teachers. The more we awaken to our divine nature, the more fully God expresses in and through our lives.

Unity is a welcoming environment and represents diversity of race, color, gender, age, creed, religion, national origin, ethnicity, physical disability and sexual orientation.

I have children.  Do you have activities for them during your services?

We welcome infants and children of all ages.  Please read our Youth Ministry page to learn more.  Children are also welcome to meditate along with us in the Family Room at the rear of the Sanctuary, where they will be met by one of our Youth Ministers.

How can I learn more?

Read About Us and What is Unity? for starters. Then, if you want to know more, explore the other pages of the website, or call us at 941-955-3301 and speak to one of our ministers or chaplains.

How do I get involved?

Be a volunteer!

There are many ways to connect with us. Please check the Calendar to find out what’s happening this month. Volunteer opportunities within our community Ministries offer meaningful service with others who share your interests.

Please feel free to approach any of our leaders with questions, as they are here to serve you.

What are your office hours?

The office is open Tuesday through Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm. Give us a call if you need to come in during the week outside of our regular hours and we’ll make arrangements for someone to be there.

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