Suggestions for Resurrection as a Spiritual Practice

Easter: Resurrection as a Spiritual Practice

Unity of Sarasota

April 21, 2019 ~ 10:30 am

Suggestions for Resurrection as a Spiritual Practice:

  • When we give full attention and enthusiasm to whatever we do, we recognize the constant renewal of life all around us, and practice resurrection.
  • Leave the past to the past. Invite the future through creation in the now moment. Living in the present moment, is the only time we can co-create with God to bring forth new life. This affirms our belief in new birth.
  • Whenever we open our hearts, minds, and souls with compassion, we help bring others back into the land of the living.
  • When we cultivate connections, the walls of separation come crashing down and new life can spring up out of the rubble.
  • Faith enables us to live with confidence amidst doubt and paradox. When we have trust in God, resurrection and rebirth become a way of life.
  • Every time we forgive another or ourselves, we are practicing resurrection.
  • Every time we accept God’s grace in our lives and see it in the world around us, our own resurrection unfolds through our practice of gratitude.
  • When we bring hope to someone in despair or healing to those in conflict, we are contributing to the ongoing practice of resurrection.
  • When we give full rein to our imagination, we are opening the gates of creativity and resurrection raises us up.
  • When we add even a small portion of joy to the lives of those around us, we bring the practice of resurrection into our circle of influence.
  • Our work for justice, freedom, and equality sets the stage for resurrection and new life.
  • Love God, love your neighbor, and love your new life as marks of the ongoing practice of resurrection.
  • Nurture yourself — eat right, exercise, get plenty of rest — and you are helping God resurrect your body.
  • When we stay open to all people and situations, we affirm our belief that all things can be made new.
  • Every peaceful encounter with someone who is our enemy or opponent is a sign of resurrection and new life.
  • When we practice reverence for life, we can’t help but notice all the little rebirths all around us; ever-unfolding creation.
  • We practice silence; to rejuvenate our soul.
  • We welcome changes, big and small to signal our receptivity to transformation and resurrection.
  • We work together to create a world that works for all. This unity practice is a mark of our resurrection.
  • We pay attention to God’s vision for avenues of resurrection for ourselves and our community.
  • We practice resurrection whenever we enliven our sense of wonder and remember that we are all standing on holy ground.
  • As we respect the mystery of God, human nature, and the natural world, we bear witness to the ineffable nature of renewal and rebirth.
  • We practice resurrection whenever we commune with God within and all around.
  • We embody the resurrection principle as we embrace our own Divinity and Oneness as a co-creative partner with God.
  • We practice resurrection with zeal as we allow ourselves to be aroused by life and cherish every moment as a gift from the One Who Renews us day by day.

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