Youth & Family


Children’s  Sunday  Services

Our weekly youth program is offered concurrently with regular Sunday services, starting at 10:30 am.

Our Youth Program

We honor each child and family as an expression of the Divine within. Children are a most precious resource.  Our youth program is deeply respectful of each child’s spiritual nature as they explore the loving and practical principles of Unity.   
We engage the youngsters in lessons which help support their spiritual growth and positive self-esteem, all while having fun and expressing themselves creatively!

Unity of Sarasota Youth Program

The Five Unity Principles, as taught to our children.

  • God is all good and active in everything, everywhere.
  • I am naturally good because God’s Divinity is in me and in everyone.
  • I create my experiences by what I choose to think and what I feel and believe.
  • Through affirmative prayer and meditation, I connect with God and bring good to life.
  • I do and give my best by living the Truth of these principles. I make a positive difference in the world!

Would you like to talk with the Youth Director about your child or you serving as a Youth & Family Program volunteer? Please Contact us.


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