A Call To Sacred Service – Giving of Our Talent

Dear Unity of Sarasotans,

Taking advantage of opportunities to be of service offers us satisfying ways to assist others and feel good about ourselves. Engaging in serving others, we affirm the generous, loving Presence of the Divine expressing in, through, and as us. Sacred Service is an important spiritual practice and can be easily practiced in many large and small ways. It is a powerful way to knit a community together in love and connection.

We have all been blessed with abilities, skills, and talents; we have much to share. Make Sacred Service a daily practice as you share the Divine Presence you are. You have been blessed by that Presence that fills your heart and hands; and service gives you the opportunity to be a blessing to others. Give in service with no expectation of return. Your loving service transforms the giver and the receiver.

I envision a Sacred Service Ministry at Unity of Sarasota that simultaneously serves those being served as well as those doing the serving. We want to create the space for participants in this community to recognize the spiritual gifts and talents they have to share, and to find ways to express them at whatever degree of commitment is appropriate for them. Truly, when we serve another person, we serve ourselves because, We Are One. In service, we experience the joy of knowing that giving of ourselves is the highest form of receiving.

I have long believed that when we combine the energies, talents, and ideas of many and diverse individuals the successful outcomes are far greater than anything any individual could achieve alone. Greater still are the relationships that are built through this conscious communion with each other through service. People begin to see themselves as belonging to something bigger than themselves; they care and are cared for; they feel a sense of meaning, purpose, connection, and community. We each then become A Beacon of Light & Love: Opening Minds ~ Touching Hearts ~ Transforming Lives.

Blessings on Your Journey with Sacred Service,

Rev. Suzi

Giving of our talent at Unity of Sarasota

Some Opportunities to Contribute Your Unique Gifts of Service

To Our Spiritual and Greater Community and

Receive the Blessings of Enriching Your Own Spirit

  • Spiritual Community Connection and Engagement
  • Pastoral Care: Angel Team & Chaplain (Requires Specialized Training)
  • Outreach to the Greater Community
  • One World Books and Gifts
  • Fundraising and Stewardship
  • Marketing, PR, Writing & Communications (Graphics, Website, Newsletter, etc)
  • Board of Trustees and Other Volunteer Leadership
  • Administrative Systems Organizing and Office Support
  • Special Events and Holiday Decorations & Coordination
  • Hospitality
  • Ushering and Greeting
  • Sunday & Wednesday Service Support (Slides, Camera, Sound)
  • Youth and Family Ministry
  • Art Gallery Coordination
  • Suggest Specific Creative Contribution of Your Time and Unique Talents

Contact Ginger Wilson for opportunities and more information: gingeratunitysarasota@gmail.com