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We will be open on Sunday, October 2nd. After the service,  we are requesting attendees to volunteer to help with the cleanup of our grounds from Hurricane Ian's aftermath.  Bring or wear your work clothing and let's get the job done!

Unity Ian Cleanup Crew 2022
Unity of Sarasota's Volunteer Cleanup Crew 2022

Unity of Sarasota's volunteer cleanup crew 9/30/2022

Experience the beauty of the Unity of Sarasota Labyrinth.

It is a quiet, peaceful place for a walking meditation. Labyrinths evoke metaphor, sacred geometry, spiritual pilgrimage and practice & mindfulness. Walking a labyrinth can facilitate this journey by providing a spiritual path for prayer, reflection and meditation.

It is also a wonderful place for weddings, ceremonies of life, and special ceremonies or events. 

Please call our office to get more information: 941-955-3301