Prayer Ministry

What is a Prayer Chaplain?

Prayer Chaplains are a dedicated group of Unity of Sarasota Members committed to holding the high watch for our community.

A Prayer Chaplain is trained in Affirmative Prayer and can pray with and for others. When two people come together in prayer, the active presence of Spirit is in the midst of them.

A Prayer Chaplain can create and hold sacred space with you through the consciousness of Affirmative Prayer. To hold sacred space means to embrace a consciousness of the Presence of Spirit and the power of possibility. Spirit is greater than any situation or circumstance we may experience in the human condition. 

A Prayer Chaplain listens to you and holds what is heard in complete confidence; be assured that whatever is said to a Prayer Chaplain remains confidential.

Unity of Sarasota

How do Prayer Chaplains Serve?

On Sunday, Prayer Chaplains are available to pray with you following the Sunday Service in the Sanctuary or at any time. You can fill out a Prayer Request located in the lobby or online using the button below. Our Chaplains will hold you and your request in prayer and loving kindness.

Prayer Requests

How to Contact a Prayer Chaplain

Unity of Sarasota currently offers four different ways in which you can access prayer support. A Minister or Prayer Chaplain will contact you.

  • 1

    Contact the church office at (941) 955-3301, Ext 123 or 122.

  • 2

    Email the church at A Minister or Prayer Chaplain will return your call or email.

  • 3

    Fill out a prayer request form and place it in the box located in the foyer or drop it in the offering basket or submit a prayer request online.

  • 4

    Meet a Prayer Chaplain in the front of the Sanctuary after the Sunday Service.

Silent Unity

Silent Unity, the worldwide prayer ministry of Unity, has been praying with people seeking spiritual support for 125 years. The 24/7 prayer ministry—which responds to prayer requests via telephone (816-969-2000), postal mail, online, or via the uPray free mobile app—serves people of all faiths from all parts of the world. 

Silent Unity prays affirmatively, believing that God is everywhere present and active in and through all lives, and serves with sensitivity, compassion, and confidentiality. From the moment a prayer request is received, the sender is lovingly enfolded in prayer. After a response has been provided, the prayer request is placed in the Silent Unity Prayer Vigil Chapel, where prayer is continuous, for 30 days. 

In the sacred space of the Prayer Vigil Chapel, located beneath the light beaming from the cupola of the Silent Unity Building at Unity Village, all prayer requests are enfolded in prayer. Here someone is praying 24 hours a day—praying as a kindred spirit, in a consciousness of oneness with God.

Every prayer request is held sacred and confidential and receives the same loving attention, regardless of donation or ability to donate. No matter how you contact Silent Unity, you will first receive personalized prayer and then a letter of support.

Angel Ministry

We are members of the Congregation who are reaching out to others in the Congregation during their time of need. We are here to lend a helping hand with that special need, provide a friendly visit, or arrange for the Minister or a Chaplain to pray with you.

We have a team of Angels ready to assist you.

Angel Ministry Leader: Rev. Amy Zehe

“Angels are the Universal Language of Love and Unity. They are messengers of God’s love and have unlimited abilities to bring grace, healing, and blessings to everyone. We simply must call on them to learn to be even more receptive to their assistance.” (Dilts, C. 2016)

How to Find Us

  • Call Rev. Amy Zehe at (941) 374-5811

  • Fill out a Prayer Request Card – found in the lobby. The cards are put into a prayer box & stay with Unity of Sarasota for 30 days.  Then they are sent to Silent Unity for 30 days more.


Unity of Sarasota

What We Do

  • Arrange for Meals

  • Arrange for Transportation to Sunday Services

  • Arrange Transportation to shop

  • Arrange for Transportation to a Medical Appointment

  • Arrange for a Chaplain to Pray with you

  • Put you in Contact with a Minister

  • Arrange a visit from a member of our Congregation for the homebound, in a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Youth Ministries 

Sheryl Grant - Board Member

Miss Sheryl Grant

Unity of Sarasota's Youth Ministries Program is active & ready for your child to join in.

Children’s Sunday Services

Our weekly youth program is offered concurrently with our Sunday Celebration Service, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Unity of Sarasota

Our Youth Program

We honor each child and family as an expression of the Divine within. Children are a most precious part of our community. Our youth program is deeply respectful of each child’s spiritual nature as they explore the loving and practical principles of Unity.  

We engage the youngsters in lessons which help support their spiritual growth and positive self-esteem, all while having fun and expressing themselves creatively!


Unity of Sarasota

The Five Unity Principles as Taught to Our Children

  • I am naturally good because God’s Divinity is in me and in everyone.

  • I create my experiences by what I choose to think and what I feel and believe.

  • Through affirmative prayer and meditation, I connect with God and bring good to life.

  • I do and give my best by living the Truth of these principles. I make a positive difference in the world!

  • God is all good and active in everything, everywhere.


Spiritual Stories for Children

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Music Ministry

Unity of Sarasota

Rob Satori, Musical Director

Unity of Sarasota’s Music Ministry is directed by well-known, longtime, local professional musician and vocalist, Rob Satori. 

Each song is chosen to provide spiritual uplifting and a connection to God as well as its appropriateness to the service. With musical styles that range from old favorite hymns to contemporary, classical, chants, rock and jazz, there is something appealing for everyone.

Bentley's House Pet Ministry

Bentley's House for Amy copy.jpeg laura

You’ve heard it, and you have probably even said it. The loss of a pet can be devastating. But until you have lost a cherished animal friend, the depth of that grief may seem vague. Loss and grieving for a pet can affect us differently at different stages of our lives and whatever the cause may have been, may also impact on you as the survivor.

However painful, grief is a part of loving. If we did not love, we would not feel the grief and for me I do not want to go through life without feeling love.

As you deal with the loss of your pet, you’ll also be adapting changes that can feel disruptive. Your routine is off. No early morning walks or trips to the dog park. No spontaneous cuddles spurred by an oncoming storm. Anticipating these changes and taking steps to accept them can help.

Returning to your regular activities is key. But so is recognizing your need to mourn and look back on the memories made with your pet. So, do what feels best for you within the constraints of your situation.

Bentley’s House is a grief support group that began almost eight years ago by a couple who lost their dog Bentley and had nowhere to go to move through the deep grief they were feeling. They came to me and asked if I would help them start a forum for people experiencing pet loss.

At that time, I had been volunteering with Hospice and felt honored they asked me to assist with this vital idea and program. We welcome those grieving for a pet and experiencing the loss of a pet’s passing.

Bentley’s House is a safe and non-judgmental place to share your memories and feelings.

Pet Loss Support Hot Line

Hours: 10 am - 4 pm
Phone: 941-374-5811 (Call Amy)

You can email Rev. Amy at:

Blessings on your journey,
Rev. Amy Zehe

Relevant Pet Sites:
Sarasota Pet Crematory
1410 Commerce Blvd. Unit L
Sarasota, FL 34243

Sarasota Dog is committed to keeping dog lovers in Sarasota informed and entertained.  We’ll keep you up-to-date on local events, shelters and dog-friendly activities with our online magazine and resource guide.

Our researchers  will deliver the latest in health, and medical news and especially what we need to be aware of here in Florida.   Adoptable dogs and our local shelters and rescue groups will also be featured here.

Rev. Amy Zehe, Associate Minister and Volunteer