Burning Bowl and White Stone Affirmations and Prayer 2022

  • I AM One with the Purifying Power and Presence of the Universe.
  • From the Christ-Consciousness at the Center of my Being I Release,  Transmute, and Transcend all that no longer serves me on my Evolving Spiritual Journey.
  • It is my Intention to open myself to Powerful and Positive Transformation in, through, and as me now.
  • I Embrace Transformation and cooperate with the personal Changes that come with my Transformation. I know it is for my Highest Good and the Greatest Good for All.
  • I am a Transformative Force for Good. As I embrace my own Awakening and Transformation, I help Create a World that Works for All.

Let Us Pray Into This New Year

In this sacred and holy season of beginnings,

I turn my attention to the inner Celebration of Light.

I know that the Light at the center of my being

is the Light of Spirit and the Life of all.

In this consciousness, I am One with God,

at peace with myself, in love with life,

and in harmony with creation.

Heaven comes to earth through me,

 and a world of joy is revealed.

The Good I accept for myself and those whom I love,

I accept for all people everywhere.

I see that we stand together

in the radiant Truth of our shared being,

as the Love-Light of Spirit bathes our planet,

illuminates our way, uplifts our thoughts, fills our hearts,

inspires our words and informs our deeds.

Through us a New Year of Peace, Beauty, and Blessings is born.

And So It Is ~ And So We Are ~ And So We Allow It to Be So Now 

Blessings on Our Journey of 2022

Thank God Within and All Around Us ~ Amen