Coming to a Sanctuary Near You!

When we make an in-person return to Unity of Sarasota, our Sanctuary will be more beautiful than ever! We recently discovered that our Sanctuary was host to unhealthy bacteria and needs to be renovated to make it safe for our return.

At our July 16th Special Zoom Meeting, the membership in attendance voted enthusiastically and unanimously to move forward with the renovation of the Sanctuary during this time when it is unoccupied. We were able to negotiate prices that were $10,000 less than the prices we were given two years ago.

Free consultations from three interior designers affirm our intentions to use design themes and colors that align with and complement the beautiful views of nature that surround our Sanctuary.

Renovation of Unity of Sarasota's Sanctuary coming soon!  Image is story board of what the new sanctuary will look like.
Sanctuary Storyboard

Rev. Suzi’s teachings about the power of prayer … and shares a powerful prayer for Unity of Sarasota’s Sanctuary.

Once the pews and carpet are removed the floor, walls, and ceiling will be treated for bacteria and mold, and renovations will begin, including:
Electrical–Ventilation, Soft LED Lighting for Flexibility & Cost Savings
New Paint–White Ceilings, Very Pale Green Walls
New Carpet--Greens, Blues, Subtle Nature Pattern
New Comfort-Back Padded Chairs–Teal (leaning more Green than Blue)
Seated Choir Risers with Elegant Chair Covers
New Black Stage Carpet & New Stage Lighting
The Storyboard above gives you an idea of the look and the feel.
NOTE: photograph does not reflect the true colors accurately.
(i.e. Choir Risers Black/Gray not Purple, Choir Chair Covers not pictured)

Thank You to Lisa Arundale, one of our newest members,
for the Creativity, Time, and Effort Creating the Sanctuary Storyboard