Take Your Life Off Auto-Pilot

Affirmative Declarations

From 09-13-20 Sunday Talk by Rev. Dr. Suzi Schadle

*Everything that happens in, around, and through me ultimately works for the good of all concerned.

*People are as kind to me as I am to them.

*Synchronicity leads me to others who bring lessons for me to learn, and for whom I have lessons to give as well.

*I do not lack whatever I need to become the person I choose to be.

*I remember that I created my experience of life; and that I can change and improve it by my own intention whenever I choose.

*My clear, conscious intentions shift my experience of life through my alignment with Spirit and affirmative prayer.

*Answers to every question or challenge come to me with clarity from within—sometimes quickly and unexpectedly.

*I AM a perfect expression of perfect Life, here and now. 

*Every day I am learning more of my true nature and of the power I’ve been given to powerfully express my authentic being. 

*I am blessed on my journey, and deeply grateful for the inner guidance of my highest self—Spirit within.