Be All You Have Come Here to Be!

Affirmations to Be All You Have Come Here to Be:

From Unity of Sarasota Sunday Talk-09-20-20

I see the world as a friendly place. As I change the way I see, what I see changes. I live fully and accept all the blessings Spirit has given me.

I discipline my thoughts and feelings, my beliefs and expectancy in alignment with Father/Mother/God/Spirit. Spirit can only do for me what Spirit can do through and as me.

I am positive, optimistic, and good-natured (God-natured). I am loving and kind. I am One with the Source of all Good.

I activate and act upon what is in alignment and harmony with God. I open my life and my world to the inflow of blessings of every nature. Good flows to me, through me, and as me in all directions.

I am in tune with the infinite possibilities of Spirit and Universal Truth.

My life is rich in joyous activity, in health and good will, rich in loving relationships. I share my blessings in service to others and the world.

I take time to meditate on Spirit within and all around me; and, I feel my connection with Spirit deeply. I am inspired—filled with the in-breath of Spirit. My life is passionate and blissful. I love my work, my play, my rest, and most of all my connection with The Divine.

I am filled with joy, enthusiasm, and zest for life because I am filled with Spirit. I put joy into all I think, feel, say, and do. I enjoy each moment with laughter and playfulness.

I appreciate the wonder of creation and the beauty of the world in which I live. I know that Spirit created me to contribute creatively and help make the world a better place.

It is good to be alive! I am grateful for my life. I begin and end each day with prayers of gratitude for all my blessings. I am doubly joy-filled and grateful as I share my blessings.